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How a Cancer Diagnosis Inspired the Creation of a Small Business

Welcome, I'm Jordan and I'm the founder, creative director, and designer of Laziosi. The idea for Laziosi came to me when I was battling breast cancer. I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer when I was twenty-eight and ignorant to the real possibility of developing cancer at my age. I didn't know that I should have been doing my self breast exams nor did I know how to even do them. I never thought cancer was something that could happen to me because I wasn't even thirty and breast cancer isn't in my genetics.

I didn't want anyone to be as clueless and uneducated as I was to the reality of a cancer diagnosis so I made it a point to consistently tell my loved ones to schedule their mammograms (if they were over forty) and to do their self breast exams. My constant preaching turned into my friends and family coming to me asking how to do their own exams and concerns they had found when they were doing them. I soon realized that I had found my passion and knew I had to turn this into a career; I wanted to make sure people were given as much information and education as possible to have every opportunity to prevent and detect cancer early.

I combined my love of fashion and my drive to spread cancer awareness to create Laziosi.

Thank you for being a part of the Laziosi family.

Be kind to yourselves and each other,


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