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The Importance of Finding the Right Fabric and Building Relationships

Although the Genesis Collection is inspired by yellow and blue, it is broken up by neutral colors that can be easily mixed in and are a representation of the brand itself.

I loved this fabric and pattern when I found it. It's a unique, bold tribal pattern that's abstractly eccentric. The fabric is a rayon crepe that is very comfortable and lightweight. The HARMONY PANT was the perfect pair of pants to wear on the beach in Mexico.

Unfortunately, the sample maker informed me that as they were sewing this sample, the fabric was disintegrating. They advised that while they could not force me to make a decision, they strongly suggested I find a new fabric as this one would not hold up in production. Although it was upsetting because I really liked this fabric, I am thankful for the honesty and transparency from my sample maker.

I can feel the weight and texture of a small, square 2" X 3" piece of sample fabric and can do a test wash and dry. However, it's not easy to tell what that fabric will do until it is sewn into a piece of art that is actually able to be worn and washed.

I appreciate the relationship I've built with my pattern and sample maker and my ability to trust in their judgement and expertise, I appreciate the trials and tribulations that come with being a fashion designer - the unknowns, the mistakes, the what ifs, the risks, and I appreciate the opportunity to show myself as a human being who makes mistakes, who doesn't know it all, and who learns something new everyday about the fashion industry.

I am continuing to source a new fabric for the HARMONY PANT, one that will not only fit cohesively with the rest of the collection, but will also be of long-lasting quality and durable material.



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